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It might just be a friendly chat, perhaps with somebody they know, perhaps with somebody they do not know … if somebody were to spend £1,500 on buy-in or win or lose, we would need full photo ID under the anti-money laundering regulations If somebody is approaching that, we will have interventions beforehand, just to let them know that they are approaching the limit. If somebody has been on the machine for a certain amount of time—an hour or two—we will be checking on them. ”

We were impressed with the mechanisms in place at the Hippodrome to ensure that gambling is undertaken in a safe environment and that those showing possible signs of problem gambling are monitored. We would like to see best practice for monitoring customers and ensuring a safe gambling environment at casinos undertaken throughout the sector. We also note that the speed of play at land-based casinos is slower than on comparable online games; this is another important element in ensuring that casinos are safer environments for gambling. 107. The Hippodrome’s evidence suggested that “a number of changes are required to gambling legislation in Great Britain.”

One of the changes that the Hippodrome would like to see is an increase in the number of gaming machines permitted in casinos. Their evidence set out the current situation in which the majority of casinos (145 out of 152103) operating in Great Britain are restricted to 20 gaming machines, “regardless of size or the volume of customer visits.”104 These 145 casinos have preserved the entitlements of their licences originally granted under the Gaming Act 1968. However, there are seven casinos established under, and regulated by, the Gambling Act 2005, which are entitled to offer a higher number of machines. Three “small” casinos established under the 2005 Act are entitled to offer up to 80 machines, and four “large” casinos established under the 2005 Act are entitled to offer up to 150 machines. Understandably, the Hippodrome believes that all casinos in Great Britain should be regulated in the same manner and allowed the same number of gaming machines.


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