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Retired Union Master Electrician 1972-2013. Preformed in some shows, not only in the Cumberland Theater. But, Murder Mysteries on the Western Maryland RR. With a few of the Theater Groups, in Cumberland, and Keyser, with Dr.John. I had a stroke, in 03/25/2013. Was in one more show, the War of The Worlds, Orson Welles Radio Show. Which showed me, I DO NOT BELONG ON STAGE! Ever again! LOL! I do, like seeing young actors, bring to life shows I was in, and new shows, showing off their talents. To all those new and old actors! BREAK-A-LEG! Also, many years ago, donated hundreds of feet of cable, used to wire a lot of the unseen wiring in the ceiling For lighting runs. Of the Cumberland Theater. Use to also help build sets. In High School, Allegany, was Asst.Stage Manager 1966, 1967. And Stage Manager 1968, 1969. Wear I met Actors such as Bill Macy. And! As a sad note! They just tore down my beloved stage last week, as the remove my old Allegany High School.


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