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Now Casting
Comedy of Errors

The Cumberland Theatre and the Embassy Theatre are teaming up to offer an outdoor touring production of Shakespeare in the Park.  This summer's selection is Comedy of Errors.  

The production will be set in the pop world of the 1980s and will be performed in Cumberland and Grantsville the weekend of July 29th - 31st.


We are looking for actors who are versatile, committed and enthusiastic about bringing the performing arts back to life!

**we will only do in-person auditions (if needed) by appointment. Actors must be vaccinated.

EVERYONE who wishes to be considered should fill out the digital audition form on the right and provide us with your contact information, roles you are interested in and any conflicts you may have.

If we are interested in hearing you read for a specific part, we will contact you via email.


**more locations may be added or dates may change slightly


Character Descriptions/Doubling


  • Antipholus of Syracuse

  • Dromio of Syracuse

  • Antipholus of Ephesus

  • Dromio of Ephesus

  • Adriana 

  • Luciana

  • Egeon/Balthazar

  • First Merchant/Duke

  • Courtesan/Lady Abess

  • Angelo/Pinch

  • Officer/Messenger

  • Luce/Second Merchant


ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE, a traveler in search of his motherand his brother

DROMIO OF SYRACUSE, Antipholus of Syracuse’s servant

ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS, a citizen of Ephesus

DROMIO OF EPHESUS, Antipholus of Ephesus’s servant

ADRIANA, Antipholus of Ephesus’s wife

LUCIANA, Adriana’s sister

EGEON, a merchant from Syracuse

BALTHASAR, an Ephesian merchant invited to dinnerby Antipholus of Ephesus

FIRST MERCHANT, a citizen of Ephesus

Solinus, DUKE of Ephesus

COURTESAN, hostess of Antipholus of Ephesus at dinner

LADY ABBESS (also called Emilia), head of a priory in Ephesus

ANGELO, an Ephesian goldsmith

DR. PINCH, a schoolmaster, engaged as an exorcist

OFFICER (also called Jailer), an Ephesian law officer

MESSENGER, servant to Antipholus of Ephesus and Adriana

LUCE (also called Nell), kitchen maid betrothed to Dromio of Ephesus

SECOND MERCHANT, a citizen of Ephesus to whom
Angelo owes money


Attendants, Servants to Pinch, Headsman, Officers

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