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Now Casting

The Cumberland Theatre is now accepting submissions for our annual Shakespeare in the Park.  This summer's selection is The Taming of the Shrew.  

The production will be set in the old west world of the 1800s and will be performed in Cumberland at the Gilchrist Gallery Garden the weekend of August 11th - 12th.


We are looking for actors who are versatile, committed and enthusiastic about bringing the performing arts back to life!

**we will only do in-person auditions (if needed) by appointment.

EVERYONE who wishes to be considered should fill out the digital audition form on the right and provide us with your contact information, roles you are interested in and any conflicts you may have.

If we are interested in hearing you read for a specific part, we will contact you via email.


**more locations may be added or dates may change slightly


Character Descriptions/Doubling


  • Bianca

  • Lucentio

  • Tranio

  • Baptista Minola

  • Hortensio

  • Gremio

  • Grumio

  • Vincentio

  • Nathaniel

  • Biondello


Bianca is the youngest daughter of Baptista Minola. She has three suitors who want to marry her; Gremio, Hortensio and Lucentio.

Lucentio is a young man from Pisa, who has travelled to Padua to study at the university there. He wants to marry Bianca.

Tranio is Lucentio’s servant and has travelled with him from Pisa to Padua to study at the university.

Baptista Minola is a wealthy man in Padua. He has two daughters, Katherina and Bianca. Although Bianca has potential suitors, he will not allow her to marry until Katherina has a husband. He views marriage as a financial and legal transaction which must be negotiated.

Hortensio is friends with both Baptista and Petruchio. He is a suitor to Bianca and would like to marry her.

Gremio is an old man and a friend of Baptista. He is a suitor to Bianca and would like to marry her.

Grumio is Petruchio’s servant and has travelled with him from Verona to Padua.

Vincentio is a wealthy merchant from Pisa. He has a son called Lucentio.

Nathaniel Petruchio's servant

Biondello Lucentio's servant

Ensemble/Possible Doubles

The Widow, Tailer, Haberdasher, Schoolmaster, Lords, Servants

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