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Join us this weekend for the American Psychic!

Marla Frees, known as the American Psychic, will be appearing at Cumberland Theatre for one weekend presenting a program of reflection, readings, humor, enlightenment and love.

Her program will discuss growing up in "these here mountains," surviving abuse, listening to one's own intuition, dispelling the myth behind being a psychic, and her own journey. She will also "read" members of the audience when she feels their loved ones who have passed have messages that need to be delivered. She promises the evening will be kept conversational but also informative, enlightening and even humorous.

A graduate of Bedford High School, Marla Frees left the Appalachian Mountains for

college and attended Miami of Ohio University. She has worked as an actress in Milwaukee, Cleveland, New York and Los Angeles. About 20 years ago, while filming a TV commercial she turned to her costar in the commercial and told him his father was happy about the baby. The "thing" was -- dear old Dad was departed and the baby was on the way. Since then, she has honed and refined her skills to become The American Psychic -- which became the title of her best selling book released last year. Marla's work as a medium has not only landed her on the book charts, she has also worked with countless celebrities (like Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin), multiple police departments, the FBI and other branches of the government in solving "cold cases."

Following the program, Marla will happily sign copies of her best-selling book, which can be purchased as part of the ticket price or at the theatre prior to and after the show.

Tickets are available at Buy a ticket/book combo and save $5 on your copy of American Psychic.

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