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Helping hands...

Volunteers have always been crucial piece to the operation of and non-profit arts organization and CT is no exception. We have been very grateful for their commitment over the years. if you have willingness to give your time and energy to assist us in creating memorable experiences in the arts, please consider joining us as a volunteer. 

There are ways for everyone to be involved!

  • Usher (front of house)

  • Bartending/Concessions

  • Deck Crew  (stage crew)

  • Wardrobe/Costume Assistance (sewing, laundry, etc)

  • Set Build/Strike Crew (set construction, tear down)

  • Marketing Team (poster distribution, social media sharing)

  • Talent Hospitality Team (transportation for actors, welcome packets, local guide)

  • Cleaning/Organizing (props rooms, green room, costume shop, etc)

Dracula Stage Crew
Catholic Heart Work Camp in the Prop Room
Front of House Volunteers during Mamma Mia!
Join Our Volunteer List

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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