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Now Accepting Submissions for
our 2024 Season

We are now scheduling audition appointments and accepting submissions for our 36th Season of Entertainment. The theatre is casting a variety of shows for the main stage season as well as the Theatre for Young Audiences program, Shakespeare in the Park and other events throughout 2024.

Accepting submissions for the following shows:

  • The Play That Goes Wrong*** (February)

  • The Rose Tattoo (March)

  • Jesus Christ Superstar (May)

  • Sideways (June)

  • Footloose (July)

  • The Merchant of Venice (August)

  • Biloxi Blues (September)

  • The Cover of Life (September)

  • Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

  • It's a Wonderful Life


***PLEASE NOTE, we will only be accepting submissions for The Play That Goes Wrong through November 30th.

Live Auditions will be held at the theatre on 101 North Johnson Street, Cumberland, MD on January 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Those who wish to audition should fill out the digital audition form to reserve an audition time and provide us with the shows and roles for which they would like to be considered. Online submission will also be accepted; however attending the live auditions is encouraged.

The theatre casts both local and out-of-town actors. All roles are paid and housing is available for out-of-town actors and designers. Visit our Employment page for creative staff, technical and design positions.

EVERYONE who wishes to be considered should fill out the digital audition form on the right. 

Audition Schedule


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm General Auditions*/Invited Callback Auditions**

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm General Auditions*/Invited Callback Auditions**

11:00 am - 3:00 pm General Auditions*
3:00 - 4:00 pm Dance Call
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Invited Callback Auditions**

*General Auditions
If you have never worked at the Cumberland Theatre before, you will be asked to make an appointment for the general auditions and possibly attend the dance call. After filling out the online form, you will receive an email to confirm the time of your appointment.
Please prepare 16 bars of both an uptempo song and a ballad that showcases you at your best. If you are not auditioning for a singing role, you may prepare a short contemporary monologue. Please wear or bring comfortable clothes that you can easily move in as well as appropriate shoes for dance. You may be sent sides to prepare prior to the audtion and/or be asked to attend the callback auditions in the evening if you are auditioning on Saturday or Sunday.

**Invited Callback Auditions
If you have worked at the Cumberland Theatre within the past three years, you may submit your audition materials and attend the invited callback to read and/or sing for specific roles. You may also be asked to attend the dance call if necessary. After filling out the online form, you will receive an email to confirm your callback time.
Please be familiar with the characters for which you are being called and any songs that may be required. You may be sent auditions sides and song cuts to prepare, prior to the audition. Please wear or bring comfortable clothes that you can easily move in as well as appropriate shoes for dance. (if attending the dance call).

If you are auditioning for The Merchant of Venice, you may be given a short Shakespearean monologue to read if you do not have your own prepared.

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to audition for the musicals, we STRONGLY suggest that you schedule your audition for Saturday or Sunday, so that you may attend the dance call. 

Likewise, if you are only auditioning for the plays, we encourage you to attend on Thursday or Friday to help us streamline the process.

Show Breakdowns

*please note, if a role is not listed below, it has either been cast or an offer has been extended and is still pending. 

**please note, that unless specifically noted, all ethnicities will be considered 

The Play That Goes Wrong

Annie (25 - 45, any ethnicity) The stage manager. She has the biggest journey of any of the characters. When Sandra is indisposed Annie, who cannot bear to be on stage, must step in. Initially terrified by acting, she is willing to kill for it by the end of the play. Her initial terror turns to joy, and then to fury. She starts small, but grows and grows. STANDARD AMERICAN ACCENT.

DENNIS (25 - 35, any ethnicity) He has no real desire to be involved in the theatre, he just wants to make friends (of which he has none). He believes if he does well in the show, he will be more successful socially. Laughter from the audience is agony for him. He may be slightly oblivious, but understands when he gets things wrong. The laughter is a personal tragedy/failure. RP ACCENT.

ROBERT (25 - 45, any ethnicity) Wants to be Richard Burton, as evidenced by his declamatory style. He is, however, not a parody of a bad actor. He is unaware of others around him. He does not feel badly when things go wrong and never learns from his mistakes. There is a power struggle between Robert and Chris to be president of the Cornley Poly Drama Society (a position that matters a great deal to Robert). Has real vocal power. RP ACCENT

The Rose Tattoo

ROSA DELLE ROSE (Female, late teens - early twenties to play a 15 year old) Serafina’s daughter; she is young, bright, and beautiful and in love for the first time. She struggles between loving her mother and feeling ashamed of her.

JACK (Male, early 20s) A sailor that Rosa falls in love with. Despite Serafina’s suspicions about his intentions, he proves to be a kind, honest man who appears to both love Rosa and be determined to demonstrate this love to Serafina.

FATHER DE LEO (Male, 35 - 50) A neighborhood Priest; consoles Serafina after the death of her husband; a gentle severity, traditional

GIUSEPPINA (Female, 45 - 60) – One of the neighborhood women. She interacts with Serafina and the other neighborhood women, and gossips about Serafina’s actions. 

MARIELLA (Female, 30 - 40) One of the neighborhood women. She interacts with Serafina and the other neighborhood women, and gossips about Serafina’s actions. 

PEPPINA (Female, 60 - 70s) One of the neighborhood women. She interacts with Serafina and the other neighborhood women, and gossips about Serafina’s actions.

VIOLETTA (Female, 30 - 45) One of the neighborhood women. She interacts with Serafina and the other neighborhood women, and gossips about Serafina’s actions

ASSUNTA (Female. 60s or 70s) Practices a type of mystical medicine. The only one of the neighborhood women that Serafina really trusts. 

ESTELLE HOEHENGARTEN (Female, 30 - 45) A tough blackjack dealer from Texas who was having an affair with Serafina’s husband before his death

MISS YORKE (Female, 30-40s) A teacher at Rosa’s high school. Convinces Serafina to let Rosa attend her high school graduation. 


FLORA (Female, 40s) Described in William’s stage directions as being a “clown” of middle age and “juvenile temperament.” When Serafina does not finish altering her blouse by the day it was promised, she becomes hot headed and informs Serafina of her late husband’s infide

BESSIE (Female, 25-40) Flora’s counterpart, but proves to be the kinder of the two when she becomes upset that Bessie tells Serafina about her late husband’s affair. 


THE STREGA (Female, 60-70)  A neighborhood woman whose name is Italian for witch. Though Serafina is convinced the woman is a witch, Rosa insists her mother is just being superstitious. Tends to a goat that always strays into Serafina’s yard. 

THE SALESMAN (Male, 30-40) A smooth talking salesman who attempts to sell his goods to Serafina but is quick to anger when Alvaro confronts him for cutting him off in his car.

VIVI (FEMALE CHILD, 8-13) One of the children of the neighborhood. Wild, free, and innocent.

SALVATORE (MALE CHILD, 8-13) One of the children of the neighborhood. Is very amused by the goat and enjoys chasing after it when it is loose in the neighborhood. 

Jesus Christ Superstar

Judas Iscariot (Male, 20 - 40) – Rock Tenor (D3–D5) One of the twelve apostles of Jesus; concerned for the poor. Judas believes in Jesus’s teaching but has started to grow wary of the consequences of Jesus’s fame.

Mary Magdalene (Femail, 20 - 40) – Mezzo-Soprano/Belter (F3–E♭5) A follower who falls in love with Jesus & struggles with those feelings.

Pontius Pilate (Male, 30-50 – Rock Baritone (A2–B4) Governor of Judea who foresees the events of Jesus’s crucifixion from beginning to aftermath in a dream and finds themselves being presented with that very situation.

Caiaphas (Male, 25 - 50 – Bass (C♯2–F4) One of the main antagonists of the show. High priest who sees Jesus as a threat to the nation. A person in power who fears losing that power to Jesus.

Annas – (Male or Female, 20 - 50 – Tenor (G2–D5) One of the main antagonists of the show. Fellow priest at the side of Caiaphas who is persuaded by Caiaphas into seeing Jesus as a threat. Annas can seem more conniving than Caiaphas.

Peter Simon (Male or Female, 20-30 – Tenor (A2–G4) One of Jesus’s twelve apostles; denies Jesus three times upon the night of Jesus’s arrest.

Simon Zealotes (Male or Female, 20 - 30 – High Baritone (G3–B4) One of Jesus’s twelve apostles; urges Jesus to lead the followers into battle against the Romans. Simon is under the belief that violence can solve all their problems.

King Herod (Any Age, Any Gender - Baritone (C♯3–G4) The King of Galilee; Jesus is brought to Herod for judgment after first being taken to Pilate. Herod is a comedic role. Starts very nonchalant and as the scene progresses, becomes more irritated when he doesn’t get his way.

Ensemble – All Ages – All Ranges – strong rock/pop singers, should be strong movers, will play apostles, lepers, soldiers, King Herod’s soul girls, merchants, Judas’ tormentors, reporters, temple ladies, & may understudy above roles.


Woman 1 (Female, 50 - 75) To play Phyllis and Evelyn; seeking an actor capable of playing both an ordinary, comically unsophisticated and mundane mid-western mom who drinks too much, as well as a slick, hard-nosed, straight-talking New York City editor.

Woman 2 (Female, 30 - 40) To play Lissy, Brenda and Victoria; seeking an actor capable of playing both a pert, savvy working-class type, as well as Miles' cold, judgmental, upper-middle-class ex-wife.

Man 1 (Male, 30 - 45) To play Chris, Brad, and Tailor; seeking an actor capable of playing both an emotionally immature, predatory, and rough-around-the-edges redneck with a twisted sense of humor, as well as a perfectly responsible working-class type.

Man 2 (Male, 50 - 70) To play Charlie and Tasting Room Manager; seeking an actor capable of playing both a fastidious, prickly, self-important wine tasting manager, as well as a laid back, easy-going working class guy

Footloose the Musical

Ren McCormack (Male, 18 - 25) - Tenor Witty, full of energy, goes from being feisty and flippant to fully exploring his emotions as he journeys from boyhood to maturity.  Dances well, athletic skills a plus. 

Ariel Moore (Female, 18 - 25) - Mezzo-Pop Smart, completely aware of how to behave in front of her father and how differently to behave with her friends; dreams of getting out of the "small town" prison she's in; passionate, explosive, and thrill-seeking. Dances very well. 

Ethel McCormack (Female, 35 - 55) - Soprano Ren’s mother; had a tough go, just trying to make it…would do anything for her son.

Reverend Shaw Moore (Male, 40 - 60) – Baritone Charismatic, charming, deeply religious, quick-minded, a loving heart; outwardly, strong for his congregation; inwardly, weak, as he still mourns for his dead son, and worries for his impulsive, but precious, daughter.

Vi Moore (Female, 35 - 55) - Mezzo Soprano Shaw’s wife & Ariel’s mother. Loving, understanding and supportive, she is caught between wanting to please her husband and wanting her daughter to be happy.

Cowboy Bob (Male, 30 - 50) - Baritone Cowboy hat, boots and an attitude. Thinks  of himself as the only “real man” in the room. 

Chuck Cranston (Male, 18 - 25) - Tenor Ariel’s boyfriend. Local “Bad Boy”. Self-assured, cocky, ignorant, a bully; confident of his own importance.

Willard Hewitt (Male, 18 - 25) – Tenor Big guy, short temper, loves his mama. Befriended by Ren. A simple country boy with a warm heart and a big smile; comedic timing and dance a must.

Rusty (Female, 18 - 25) - Soprano with high belt Ariel’s friend. A bit scatterbrained, sweet, fun, knows everything about everything; role requires strong belt, strong comedic timing and dance.

Wendy Jo (Female, 18 - 25) - Mezzo Soprano Ariel’s friend. Sings in 3-part harmony with several solo lines.  Sassy and looking for fun.

Urleen (Female 18 - 25) – Soprano Ariel’s friend.  Sings in 3-part harmony with several solo lines. Sassy and looking for fun.

Adult Ensemble Roles, (Men and Women, 35 - 60)

Lulu Warnicker – Ren’s Aunt, married to Wes. 

Wes Warnicker – Ren’s uncle, married to Lulu. 

Coach Roger Dunbar 

Eleanor Dunbar – Coach Dunbar's wife

Principal Harry Clark – Principal of Bomont High School, enforcer of rules. 

Betty Blast – owner of the local diner; roller skating is a plus

Teen Ensemble Roles (Men and Women, 18 - 25)

Lyle – Chuck’s friend,sings strong 3-part harmony – G, G#, A & B, some dancing. 

Travis – Chuck’s friend – sings strong 3-part harmony – G, G#, A & B, some dancing.

Jeter – Friend of Willard, sings 3-part harmony, some dancing.  

Bickle – Friend of Willard, sings 3-part harmony, some dancing. 

Garvin – Friend of Willard, sings 3-part harmony, some dancing.

Choir – 3-, 4- & 6-part harmony singers, both on & off stage. 

Dancers – Several big dance numbers in show – any combination of the following skills are a plus: acrobatics, gymnastics, break-dancing, line-dancing, leaps, splits. 

The Merchant of Venice

Shylock (Male, 35 - 50) A Jewish moneylender in Venice, who detests and despises Christians.

Portia (Female, 30 - 45) An extraordinarily rich heiress of Belmont constrained by her father’s will to accept in marriage whichever suitor successfully passes the test of the three caskets.

Antonio (Male, 35 - 50) A merchant of Venice who has invested deeply in overseas ventures, to the extent that he no longer has any ready money left.

Jessica (Female, 18 - 25) Shylock's daughter. he does not have the happiest of home-lives with her father, finding it only relieved by Lancelot’s jesting.

Bassanio (Male, 21 - 30) Young adventurer, in love with Portia. A risk taker.

Gratiano (Male, 21 - 30) Bassanio's best mate, always ready for a good time. Falls in love with Nerissa.

Lorenzo (Male, 21 - 30) A friend of Bassanio, woos and marries Jessica.

Nerissa (Female, 21 - 30) The spunky serving woman of a wealthy woman.

Launcelot Gobbo (Male, 20 - 40) Bassanio’s servant. A comical, clownish figure who is especially adept at making puns.

Ensemble Tracks, Men and women of all ages to cover a variety of speaking roles. Versatility and ability to play several different characters is a must.

Biloxi Blues

Eugene Morris Jerome (Male, 18 - 25) A writer and the narrator of the show; he is the alter ego of the youthful Neil Simon.

Roy Seldridge (Male 18 - 25) A confident man who thinks of himself as funny; he tends to take cues from others on how to behave and who to harass.

Joseph Wykowski (Male 19 - 27) Big and tough, but not too smart and somewhat bigoted.

Don Carney (Male (18 - 25) A private from New Jersey who irritates his bunkmates with his singing; he is not very good at making important decisions.

Arnold Epstein (Male 18 - 25) A sensitive, well-read and intelligent Jewish guy from New York City; he is mentally strong, but physically weak; he constantly feels the need to fight for something.

Sergeant Merwin J. Toomey (Male, 35 - 55) A Southerner; he is big and tough – he is smart and hardcore, old school “Army”, but he has his demons.

James Henessy (Male, 18 - 25) Tough, but not too smart; he is part African American, but not noticeably.

Rowena (Female, 25 - 45) A world-wise, Southern prostitute; she must have a flair for comedy.

Daisy Hannigan (Female, 16 - 24) A USO dancer and Eugene's first love, she is young and pretty.

The Cover of Life

Tood (Female, 18 - 21) Pretty, genuine, a bit of a dreamer but determined.


Sybil (Female, 23 - 27) Flashy, “sophisticated” or “fast” in her crowd.  

Weetsie (Female, 20 - 25) Plain and a little plump, very religious and very much the country girl.

Aunt Ola (Female, Mid-40s - 50) Appears older, mother-in-law of the three young women, strong, matriarchal.


Addie Mae (Female, mid-40s - 50) Local newspaper reporter, affected stylishness.

Tommy (Male, 18 - 23) Youngest brother of the family, eager, friendly, insecure, a sailor serving in the South Pacific. Married to Tood.

Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

This is an ensemble piece. Every player plays several roles. Casting on talents energy, however they must be able to sing in the bari-tenor range without transposition as production uses tracks.

Edgar Allan Poe (Male, 21 - 40) - Baritenor

An American born writer/poet who had a fascination with mystery, the morbid and the macabre.

Player One/Roderick Usher (Male, 21 - 50) - Baritenor 

This track plays: Man at Bar; Undertaker; Metzengerstein's Horse; The Imp; College Student; Raven; Alexander Shelton; Rufus Griswold and Roderick Usher.

Player Two/William Wilson (Male, 21 - 50) - Baritone

This track includes: David Poe; Jock Allan Raven; Mister Bliss and William Wilson.

Player Three/Arthur Gordon Pym (Male, 21 - 50) - Tenor

This track includes: Man at Bar; Henry Leonard Poe; Mister Lee; Ancient Rotting Corpse (1) & (2); College Student; Raven; Mister Burton and Arthur Gordon Pym.

Player Four/Marie Roget (Female, 21 - 50) Soprano This track includes: The Dresser; Stage Manager; Rosalie Poe; Fanny Allan; Ann Carter Lee; Sissy Clemm and Marie Roget.

Player Five/Lenore (Female, 35 - 50) Alto

This performance track includes: Miss Duval; Asylum Attendant; Elmira Royster; Miss Fuller and Lenore.

Player Six/Annabelle Lee (Female, 35 - 50) Soprano This performance track includes: Eliza Poe, Muddy Clemm, Miss Duval, Society Lady and Annabelle Lee.

It's a Wonderful Life

George Bailey (Male, 30 - 45) The everyman of Bedford Falls and hero of the story

Mary Hatch Bailey (Female, 30 - 40) George's wife, loving and supportive, but with spunk

Henry Potter (Male, 50 - 65) The richest and meanest man in town

Mr. Gower (Male, 50's) The local druggist, reformed drunk

Violet Bick (Female, 30 - 40) George's friend, sassy and girly

Harry Bailey (Male, 25 - 30) George's brother, decorated military

Ma Bailey (Female, 50 - 60) George's Mother, kind and loving

Uncle Billy (Male, 45 - 60) George's scatter-brained but lovable uncle

Bert (Male, 35 - 50) Local cop, friend of George and Mary

Ernie (Male, 35 - 50) Local cab driver, friend of George and Mary

Sam Wainwright (Male 35 - 45) George's friend and a Mary's former suitor.

Mr. Martini (Male, 35 - 50) Italian immigrant, owns local bar

Mrs. Martini (Female, 35 - 50) Martini's wife

Nick (Male, 35 - 45) Bartender at Martini's Bar

Children's Roles

Young George Bailey (Male, 10 - 12)

Young Mary Hatch (Female, 9 - 12)

Young Violet Bick (Female, 9 - 12)

Pete Bailey (Male, 12 - 14) oldest of George and Mary's children

Janie Bailey (Male, 10 - 12) George and Mary's daughter who plays piano

Tommy Bailey (Male, 8 - 10) George and Mary's younger son

Zuzu Bailey (Female, 6 - 8) George and Mary's youngest daugher

Adult Ensemble Roles - various ages to play neighbors, carolers, patrons of the bank, etc.

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