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In Good Company...

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The Cumberland Theatre Thespian Society is comprised of performing artists who have a vested interested in the theatre's growth and artistic well being. 

New members are nominated and inducted each year at our Season Launch Party.  Candidates are chosen based on their continued assoication with the Cumberland Theatre and their dedication to their craft and the arts community as a whole.

Benefits of society membership include:

  • Not being required to attend season auditions, unless they choose to. Submission materials will be submitted to all directors early for their consideration and members may be invited to a callback. Members will be given materials to prep ahead of time.

  • 10% off concession purchases

  •  Assisting in selecting the “Thespian Choice” show of the Season

  • One complimentary admission to each Main Stage show (for personal use only, not intended for friends and family)

In return, society members are required to do the following:

  • Commit to 30 hours of volunteer work per year. Examples below:


               Assisting with show prep or strike

               Marketing assistance (delivering posters, etc)

               Bartending/working concessions

               Special projects (TYA program, Season Too!)


  • Attendance at and/or assistance with a minimum of two fundraising events per year. If you assist in working the event, it will count toward your volunteer hours.

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