Now Accepting Submission for
our 2021 Season

This year, we will only do in-person auditions by appointment only to keep operations as safe as possible for our staff and potential employees.

This year's schedule includes:

  • The Last Five Year (March)

  • The Great Gatsby (April)

  • The House of Yes (May)

  • Ring of Fire (July)

  • Moonlight and Magnolias (August)

  • The Outsiders (September)

  • Clue: Live On Stage (October)

  • A Christmas Carol (December)

To be considered, please send your headshot, resume and reel (if possible) to

EVERYONE who wishes to be considered should fill out the digital audition form on the right to either reserve your audition time or provide us with the shows and roles for which you would like to be considered.

Show Breakdowns

*please note, if a role is not listed below, it has either been cast or an offer has been extended and is still pending. 

The Great Gatsby


Ensemble (males and females, 18 - 40) Looking for ensemble types who can handle small speaking roles and dance the style of the time period


Ring of Fire - ALL ROLES OPEN 

We are seeking four men and four women who move well and have exceptional voices and amazing stage presence. Being able to play guitar is a plus (especially for men), but playing an instrument will not be required. All ages and ethnicities being considered.

Moonlight and Magnolias

David O. Selznick (male, 35 - 45) Jewish, legendary Hollywood producer, fiercely determined to make "Gone With the Wind" a success in spite of the delays and disappointments encountered, working on an impossible deadline to revise the GWTW screenplay, believes in the movies and their power to transport audiences, highly agitated through most of the play, not above brow-beating others to get his way, spends the play cajoling, pleading, ordering and pandering to Hecht and Fleming.

The Outsiders - ALL ROLES OPEN

Principal Roles

Ponyboy Curtis (male, should appear to be in mid-teens) Narrator and protagonist; the youngest of the Greasers; his literary interests and academic accomplishments set him apart from the rest of his gang; he struggles with class division, violence, innocence, and familial love, but matures, eventually realizing the importance of strength in the face of class bias.

Johnny Cade (male, should appear to be in mid-teens) Physically small for his age; greaser; does not succeed in school, but approaches intellectual matters with steady concentration; child of alcoholic, abusive parents; nervous and sensitive; since his parents do not care for him, he sees the Greasers as his true family.

Dallas Winston (male, should appear to be in late teens/early 20's) The toughest hood in the group of Greasers; a hardened teen who used to run with gangs in New York; his violent tendencies make him more dangerous than the other Greasers, and he takes pride in his criminal record.

Two-Bit (male, should appear to be in late teens/early 20's) wisecracking Greaser who regularly shoplifts; prizes his sleek black-handled switchblade; instigates the hostilities between the Socs and the Greasers by flirting with Marcia, the girlfriend of a Soc.

Darry (male, 20's) Ponyboy’s oldest brother who is raising his younger brothers; strong, athletic, and intelligent; has quit school; works two jobs to hold the family together; unofficial leader of the Greasers.

Sodapop (male, should appear to be in late teens) Ponyboy’s brother; a high school dropout; works at the local gas station; "movie-star" handsome; plans to marry Sandy, a Greaser girl.

"Cherry" Sherry Valance (female, should appear to be in late teens) Soc cheerleader whom Ponyboy meets at the movies; real name is Sherri, but people call her Cherry because of her red hair; both offended and intrigued by her encounter with Dally Winston at the drive-in; in the days preceding the rumble, Cherry becomes a spy for the Greasers.

Supporting Roles

Sandy (female, should appear to be in mid-late teens) Sodapop’s Greaser girlfriend

Bob Sheldon (male, should appear to be in late teens) Soc who attacks both Johnny and Pony in the park; killed by Johnny; Cherry’s boyfriend; his indulgent parents have never disciplined him.

Marcia (female, should appear to be in late teens) Cherry’s friend and Randy’s girlfriend; befriends Two-Bit at the drive-in; has a sense of humor and a taste for nonsensical musings.

Randy (male, should appear to be in late teens) Marcia’s boyfriend; Bob’s best friend; a handsome Soc who eventually sees the futility of fighting; helps Ponyboy realize that Socs are as susceptible to pain as anyone else.

Greasers & Socs (males & females, teens) Featured throughout the show in small speaking roles and group scenes

Adult Ensemble (males & females, all ages) Featured throughout the show in small speaking roles and group scenes