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Our Play Reading Series features original works by new playwrights as well as optional talk back sessions immediately following.  The series will hold readings twice per year.  Plays are selected by a reading committee and cast with both local and out-of-town actors.


The readings are open to the public for a voluntary cash donation of any amount.  This will be used to cover printing and advertising costs.  There is no signed seating...we are aiming for a laid back and casual evening at the theatre listening to new works and offering feedback.  Our bar and concession area will be open during the evening.


Please join us for a relaxing night at the theatre supporting new playwrights!

About the Plays

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Never Say Goodbye: An Evening with Lombard & Lucy

by Shane Riggs

Wednesday, September 7th at 7 pm


Did you know Carole Lombard and Lucille Ball were the best of friends? And after Carole died tragically in a plane crash, Lucy claimed for years the movie star still "visited" her? This new one act play re-imagines what may have happened during one those times. Based on real events, urban legends and whispered Hollywood lore, this story is a funny and even heartwarming look at a friendship so strong it literally changed history.

End Papers

by Barry Weinberg

Thursday, September 8th at 7 pm

Kathy has to use all her ingenuity and intelligence if she is to avoid losing her home and all her possessions after her husband's secret life is exposed. At the same time, she is forced to fend off unwelcome romantic overtures from her old boyfriend who reappears, not coincidentally, just as she learns of her husband's activities. Kathy's friends are supportive and very funny, especially the 80-year-old owner of End Papers, a used bookstore that Kathy is convinced can be built into a money-making business where books are a commodity as well as a good read. But if she is to make her plan a reality, Kathy must use all her wiles to deal with her husband and ex-boyfriend, both of whom insist on dominating her affections and stifling her independence.

Thanks to this year's Play Reading Committee

Timothy Bambara

Melissa Caskey

Chelsea Davis

Christopher Morucci

Bob Thompson, Jr.

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