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Our new Play Reading Series will feature original works by new playwrights as well as optional talk back sessions immediately following.  The series will hold reading in May and September.  Plays are selected by a reading committee and cast with both local and out-of-town actors.


The readings are open to the public for a voluntary cash donation of any amount.  This will be used to cover printing and advertising costs.  There is no signed seating...we are aiming for a laid back and casual evening at the theatre listening to new works and offering feedback.  Our bar and concession area will be open during the evening.


Please join us for a relaxing night at the theatre supporting new playwrights!

About the Plays

The Patient by Ryan Kaminski

May 17th at 7 pm

A thriller about a psychiatrist in the middle of a bitter and humiliating divorce with his wife, who upon discovering his new patient has a violent past, realizes he’s found an answer to his ongoing marital problems. 

Good Morning, Miss America by Phyllis Yes

May 18th at 7 pm

A comedy that examines the very real challenges of caring for aging parents; familiar ground to anyone experienced with the shifting landscape of fragile health. Jane, an independent older artist living in Oregon has increasing concerns about her parents who live in the mid-west. Her mother worsens from chronic health conditions and Lou, Jane’s thin stepfather shows more and more difficulty handling daily needs. The responsibility of their care falls on her shoulders. Jane single- handedly steps up to navigate the situation. But caring for aging parents by herself, long distance, is riddled with complications.   For more info, click here.

*Ms. Yes will be in attendance at the reading.

Pope Joan II by Pat Montley

September 6th at 7 pm

Urged by apparitions of her namesakes Saint Joan and the apocryphal 9th-century Pope Joan I, and armed with an infusion of the Life Force, Sister Joan—faster than a speeding angel, more powerful than a prayer, able to leap clerical hierarchies in a single bound—blackmails her way to becoming pope, so she can fight the never ending battle for truth, justice, gender equality, and the American way by transforming the Catholic Church into a liberal democracy and saving the world from overpopulating.  For more info, click here.

*Ms. Montley will be in attendance at the reading.

Chai by DC Cathro

September 7th at 7 pm

Chai (his nickname), an African American teen, hates his real name, so his girlfriend raises the money for him to legally change it. Chai's mother, however, is completely opposed to the idea.  For more info, click here.

*Mr. Cathro will be in attendance at the reading.

2019 Play Reading Committee

Ron Growden

Morgan Witmer 

Lura Thompson

Kimberli Rowley

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