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Meteor Shower streaks across the stage at The Cumberland Theatre with a small galaxy of acting

This review appeared today in the Mineral News Tribune

by Tom Valentine

“Meteor Shower “ streaks across the stage at The Cumberland Theatre with a small galaxy of acting stars. The comedy, by Steve Martin, continues this weekend with shows slated for Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 2 pm

Martin, better known as the “wild and crazy guy” from “Saturday Night Live”, does not fill the play with banjo playing or white suits. Nor are there big nose glasses and arrows through the head. However, there are enough jokes and funny situations for even the most casual sky gazer. Martin is the only comic who would (and can) make us believe that, “eggplants are really omens”.

Director Michael Hood, recently retired as the Dean of Fine Arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, brings a tightly paced and choreographed show to the local stage. The rotating set (as always, a perfectly designed by Rhett Wolford), keeps the action moving quite literally. We watch the plot develop  in the living room of a loving and staid couple, Corky and Norm - then rotate to the outside patio where the weather ( and the action) gets steamier.

Set Design by Rhett Wolford

Yes, the show is not for the young ones. There are adult situations, sexual content, adult language, half clothed individuals, drugs and alcohol use, and even a pre show warning that the play includes, “scenes of intimacy”. Welcome to our new society where we have to be warned that DANGER - there are intimate scenes ahead!

The “small galaxy of stars” includes Off-Broadway actor, Matt Kurzyniec, as a neurotic normal Norm; northeast regional actor Yury Lomakin as Gerald the cad; DC based actress Katie Culligan as a sexy and vampy Laura; and local actress and Co-Artistic Director Kimberli Rowley as the perfect party hostess wifey. The meeting of these two couples is like “Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf” on steroids.

The devious duo of Gerald and Laura are the most unwelcomed guests of dull Norm and Corky. As the celestial fireworks continue in the sky, they also illuminate the passions and feelings of the characters. If meteors really hit the earth millions of years ago creating life - or destroying most of it including the dinosaurs-  will it do the same for a marriage?

Kimberli Rowley as Corky and Katie Culligan as Laura

Culligan and Lomakin are particularly good as the swinging couple out to seduce the unknowing couple-next -door. Rowley and Kurzyniec are perfect playing the naïve duo who likes to confess their inner feelings and be open with each other. However, they get to show an alternative side or alter ego as the play concludes.

Or does it?? The scenes bounce back and forth and even repeat themselves with a different perspective and interpretation. We rewind the story and  get to view the action in a whole contrasting universe of possibilities. Or as the playwright tells us, “If you don’t deal with your subconscious, your subconscious will deal with you”.

Some “very heavy thinking” for such a comical piece of theatre. You might want to ponder that the next time you gaze at the summer sky and watch those meteor showers doing their old, criss -crossed journey through the sky…..or polish the car until you really see yourself.

Tickets are available by visiting

Photos courtesy of Wolford Photography

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